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New Google Analytics Social Reports

This morning Google announced the next step in their social media strategy: three new social media reports surrounding social value. These three include the social value report, the social sources report and -perhaps most exciting – the social plugins report. The Conversions Report While previously you might be able to set an advanced segment, check … Read Full Post

Google Announces Social Data Hubs in Google Analytics

Cardinal Path blog post

So you’ve watched your social media tools expand and evolve, and you’ve wondered “when is my ability to analyze this traffic going to catch up?” Well today marks the next step in Google’s venture into social media measurement. Today Google announced the Social Data Hub, which I’m guessing this will include a bunch of the … Read Full Post

Segmenting Social Media Traffic Using Regular Expressions

Cardinal Path blog post

I’ve been working on a project for a client and one thing they wanted to know was “what percentage of my overall traffic is from social media?”. This lead into a deep discussion of Reach on the channels they were engaging, and got me looking at creating some Advanced Segments to isolate traffic down to … Read Full Post

_tracksocial – RUGA Part 12

Cardinal Path blog post

So it looks like Google gave me something new to write about right away: _tracksocial. An event by any other name tracks as well, and so _tracksocial tracks much as any event does – utm.gif call and all. Nick Iyengar points out that tracksocial doesn’t seem to add much that you couldn’t already do with … Read Full Post

Using Google’s New Social Analytics Reports

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As you may have heard, Google Analytics recently announced new reports that provide you with information on social engagement on your website. These new social reports leverage the _trackSocial method, which is a social-specific cousin of the more famous _trackEvent. Today, we’ll show you how to use the Google Analytics social reports once you’ve set … Read Full Post