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How to Adapt Your SEM Spend to Maximize Return on Advertising Spend

Paid Search is a great advertising channel to promote products and services. But there are some limitations when it comes to scalability.   Let’s review an example based on one e-commerce campaign. Assuming this campaign works extremely well and generates decent revenue volume with great Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS,) it makes sense to keep … Read Full Post

How Do I Improve My AdWords Quality Score?

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Expert and novice PPC account managers are all well aware of the value of the Adwords Quality Score. Less well known are the strategies for improving it. Here are our best suggestions for improving your Quality Score and thereby improving your campaign performance. The example provided is specific to a Search Only campaign. If you … Read Full Post

Getting More Out of the Ad Preview Tool

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Generally when the Ad Preview Tool gets used, it’s mainly to have a quick look to ensure that ads are running in particular regions. Below I’ve provided a couple more handy uses that the Ad Preview tool can help you out with. Competitive Research One thing we talk about constantly at Cardinal Path is to … Read Full Post

AdWords Editor Tools: Duplicate Keyword Finder

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The AdWords Editor has a couple of useful tools to manage your account which you may have overlooked. One of these tools is the Duplicate Keyword Finder which helps to ensure that you haven’t accidentally added duplicate keywords within the account. When building a brand new campaign, we tend to talk about separating things out into … Read Full Post

Using Google AdWords Offer Extensions

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With the addition of Enhanced campaigns comes an added feature in Google Offer Extensions. If you own a physical store, this is a tool you can use to help push some extra foot traffic your way. Google Offer Extensions gives you the ability to present visitors a coupon which they can then print out and … Read Full Post