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SEO Tips & Tricks, Landing Page Content and more – The Monday Roundup – July 30th

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As we close out July and enter the homestretch of the summer, we have some interesting articles from the past week or so that are worth reading. Don’t forget that if you’re in the Chicago area, we are hosting Google AdWords and Analytics training from August 13 – 17.  There is still seating available for … Read Full Post

The Search Engine Whisperer:How to Use Metadata

Remember my last blog post about metadata?  Did it make you wonder how exactly you could start putting it to work for your website? Thankfully, Google, Bing and Yahoo got together to come up with a standard format for web semantics known as ‘schema’, a very detailed guide to which can be found at … Read Full Post

How Small Changes Can Be Costly To Your Online Marketing Plan

Cardinal Path blog post

To very loosely paraphrase a famous line from the movie Wall Street, “Math, for a lack of a better word, is good. Math is right. Math works. Math clarifies ..”.  As you can see, I’m fond of math. As one of the marketers here at Cardinal Path, I get the connection between the very technical … Read Full Post

Steps to an Effective Keyword Research Process

Why would we define a keyword research process? Because there are many ways to do it and it can go on forever. I like to think of keyword research as a never-ending marathon and it’s probably best to prepare yourself than to show up on the day of the race all stiff. There is a … Read Full Post

The Importance of Web Semantics

What is “Semantics”, and What Does it Mean? Semantics describes the study of meaning, and appears to be an apt term to similarly describe the meaning of information on the Internet. Semantics, when used in the context of a website, means something similar: that each piece of information, each piece of text being tagged as a … Read Full Post