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Top Local Citations Sources for U.S. Businesses

In the last couple of months, we’ve seen a number of changes in the local search space, but the more important one of course is the birth of Google+ Local. In the midst of all that, we could only scent that there was something good cooking in the local search kitchen. Just announced yesterday was … Read Full Post

Google+ Local, the New Google Places

Just a few weeks ago, David Mihm published an article that spoke widely about the Plus-Places merge, and now that plane has landed. Today, Google announced that Google Places is now Google+ Local. Google+ Local presents a number of opportunities for local businesses to engage socially with their customers online. The biggest changes that I see in the switchover … Read Full Post

Improve Local Search Results Using Local Keywords

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In a previous blog post, we talked about how to conduct effective keyword analysis and touched on the importance of targeting the most relevant keywords for your business. In this edition of local search marketing, we will go over some of the key components a local business website can utilize to perform better in the … Read Full Post

Custom Links Allowed in Additional Details Section of your Google Places Listing

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With the rebranding of the Google Local Business Center to Google Places, several new features have been put in place. In my last post I talked about specifying your business’s service area. In this post I want to talk about placing custom links within the details section of your listing.  This is a very simple … Read Full Post

Specify Your Business’s Service Area within your Google Places Listing

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Did anyone notice that you can specify a service area in your Google Places Listing? Google Maps began rolling out this feature in late March with little publicity. This is quite a feature for businesses that want to publicize the different locations they serve; a great feature for businesses that will come to a home … Read Full Post