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Bringing Live-Tweets to Your Event

Almost two years ago, I sat at a round table to listen to world leaders at the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Conference in Toronto. Why was I there? In short, I got my spot at the table after writing the ‘best answer’ to their contest question “How does entrepreneurship affect our world?”. The prize of this … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path to host digital analytics community event with Cirque du Soleil

Cardinal Path blog post

Did you know? The word “community” is derived from Old French “communauté” which is a broad term for fellowship or organized society [Wikipedia]. The Cirque du Soleil is a pretty unique community – you can hardly be more creative than them, constantly pushing the envelope, relying on an amazing array of diversified and very talented … Read Full Post

Event Basics – RUGA Pt 4

Cardinal Path blog post

Finding cookie values a little much? Join us at eMetrics for Web Analytics the Google Way: Introduction and Overview on April 27th, and learn about measuring traffic, goals, ecommerce tracking and more. See the event page, or register now. Last week we briefly touched on utmt, mentioning that by default it will not show in … Read Full Post