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Universal Analytics for a Faster Web

At its exclusive event in Mountain View for Partners a couple weeks ago, Google announced Universal Analytics. This new platform brings exciting features to the table by switching a lot of the logic and control from the JavaScript tracking code back to the server side. It took Google significant re-engineering to make this happen and it will … Read Full Post

Javascript libraries that conflict with Google Analytics

Cardinal Path blog post

Google Analytics custom implementations are fragile. This may be hard to hear but it’s true. When you use some custom functions of the ga.js library they can affect the format of the Google Analytics cookies (__utma, __utmb, __utmz, ..), if another implementation on the same page tries to read or write to those cookies and … Read Full Post

Extras: Technical Details – RUGA pt. 11

Cardinal Path blog post

Are we here already? We’re done with the main aspects of the utm.gif and on to the tail end of RUGA. The  “extras” section, if you will. These are the loose odds and ends that Google Analytics collects for technology reports. These are all pretty simple, and so this will be a short post. The … Read Full Post

Understanding Campaigns – RUGA Pt. 10

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So last week I discussed referrers and mentioned that the utmr tag will be populated by the referrer unless there is a campaign variable to overwrite it. Today we’re going to look at campaign tags and their roles. Campaign’s in Google Analytics are a fairly simple concept. When a visitor enters your site through a … Read Full Post

Really Understanding Referrals – RUGA Pt. 9

Cardinal Path blog post

Pretty basic one today: referring traffic. We all know what referring traffic is. That’s easy, right? But how does Google Analytics determine referring traffic? What is it at a cookie level? Well you should know the header basics: Here’s a sample ‘GET’: So the browser calls on, sending the referer from Simple enough. … Read Full Post