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Attribution Measures Cold Hard Cash

To understand which marketing channels have the largest impact on conversion, attribution is often used as the go-to approach. Whether a user has seen a display or paid search ad, or received an email newsletter, if it then converts, attribution determines how each touchpoint gets credited for the sale. This credit can be assigned using … Read Full Post

Getting as Complex as Necessary: Attribution Modelling

Coworkers with board full of post-its for planning

There is a design principle known as KISS: Keep it simple, stupid: We should aim to keep systems, models, and solutions as simple as possible, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided. When starting a project, we should ask ourselves how complex we need to get to answer the question at hand accurately, and go no more … Read Full Post

Introducing Google Attribution & Attribution 360 – a catalyst to move beyond last-click.

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google Attribution, a new solution designed to move marketers beyond last-click attribution. Google’s approach is to assign a weighted value to all the various touchpoints along a customer journey to help you understand what role each touchpoint plays in driving conversions. “Google Attribution is a new tool that helps … Read Full Post

Tag Management Systems (TMS): fad or revolution?

My previous article on Tag Management Systems (TMS) generated a number of inquiries which I’ll try to summarize here. Basically, is investing in a TMS the right decision for your organization? As one of the comments said, a TMS is “a development cycle tool and not the Tagging Wand”! Just when I was getting ready … Read Full Post

Five things to look for when selecting a Tag Management System

The Tag Management System (or TMS for short) landscape is evolving quickly and it’s becoming harder to make sense out of the technical jargon and vendor claims. As a member of the TagMan’s Advisory Board, an early player in the field, I had to wrap my head around this market. So here are the top … Read Full Post