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How Do I Improve My AdWords Quality Score?

Cardinal Path blog post

Expert and novice PPC account managers are all well aware of the value of the Adwords Quality Score. Less well known are the strategies for improving it. Here are our best suggestions for improving your Quality Score and thereby improving your campaign performance. The example provided is specific to a Search Only campaign. If you … Read Full Post

New Insights From AdWords Trigger Keywords

If you’re like me, you’ve often looked at your Search Terms Report and wondered, “How on earth did my ad show for THAT?” I’m pretty sure someone looking for Justin Bieber posters isn’t really interested in publishing children’s books, but okay Google. Well, AdWords is now providing advertisers more transparency by showing trigger keywords for … Read Full Post

2013 North American Google AdWords and Analytics Training Schedule

Cardinal Path blog post

Cardinal Path is excited to announce our 2013 Google AdWords and Analytics training schedule. Due to popular demand, we’ve expanded the number of dates on our tour of North America to over 40!  This means that more people than ever before will get the opportunity this year to learn how Google AdWords and Google Analytics … Read Full Post

Google AdWords Advertising for Non-Profit Organizations: Part 3 – But wait, there’s more

In our previous blog post, we reviewed Google Grants program and described its strengths and limitations. Also, we showed the application process and account setup. But wait, there’s more. You can expand your Google Grants budget from $10,000 to $40,000 per month! And you can use other Google services suitable for non-profit organizations! Google Grants … Read Full Post

Google AdWords Advertising for Non-Profit Organizations: Part 2 – Step-By-Step Process

In our previous blog post we reviewed the Google Grants program, describing its strengths and limitations. This blog post is focused on the application process and account setup. Applying for a Google AdWords Advertisement for Non-Profit Organizations grant is straight forward, but requires knowledge of the process, limitations and expectations of the Google Grants Program. … Read Full Post