Uncovering $10M by reducing friction in customer journey

Personalized user experience, aligned with visitor intent


An automotive retailer wanted to enhance their customer journey through testing and personalization, and create a culture of experimentation that would lead to gains in website conversions.



Cardinal Path created a “testing squad”, prioritizing and testing items with high ROI potential – elements that were current friction-points in the customer experience.

The first round of tests identified mid-to-lower funnel SEM landing pages that had higher-than-average bounce rates, exit rates, and lower-than-average click-through rates on business critical calls to action. User intent was relatively high, and narrowly focused. By removing unnecessary steps and reducing paradox of choice -utilizing geo-location over manual location entry, providing local store information sooner- the experience proved better, and showed lift in revenue-generating KPIs.

Results: Findings have been applied across a number of other pages with similar content objectives and audience intent, with the following outcomes:

Upper funnel KPI lifts of 150%+
Mid-funnel lifts of 90%+
Lower funnel revenue generating KPIs of 25%+

These outcomes have unlocked $10M in incremental revenue.

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