Guess who our latest GWO client is!

We’re in the process of running a very cool series of GWO tests with a new client. I can’t reveal their identity just yet, but let’s see if you can guess. Here are some hints:

  • It’s one of the most popular sites in the world.
  • They get millions of unique visitors per day.
  • The site is less than five years old.
  • For our first test, a conversion is a registration.

It’s been a lot of fun working on this project. And part of the reason is simply having so much traffic to work with.

Usually, to ensure a multivariate test will complete within a reasonable timeframe, we have to hold ourselves back from testing all we’d like to test. But when a test page gets millions of unique visits per day, even the most complex multivariate test can complete within days… theoretically within hours. When it comes to GWO tests, traffic means freedom!

Note: When I say a test could complete within hours, I’m not suggesting it’s a good idea to run tests of such short duration. There are dangers to stopping a test too early… just as there may be a cost to running a test too long. As always, it’s a balancing act.

In the next couple of weeks or so, we’ll reveal the identity of our mystery client and share some results. Stay tuned!