Yesterday Apple announced it. Yes, the thing you’ve all been waiting for. The greatest development in iPhone history. A change so monumental that it will fundamentally change how we use our iPhones and iPods forever.

Apple implemented copy and paste into the iPhone’s OS.

Biz. Pop. Bang. Wow. Lets go party like its 1974!

Next, maybe we will get MMS. No, wait we got that too. In fact, they also implemented :

  • email landscape mode (oh god yes)
  • search (in almost every app it seems)
  • a more robust calendar (including shared calendars, and subscriptions)
  • sync notes with your desktop
  • shake to shuffle
  • wifi auto-login (wait, this is new?)
  • more details for stocks
  • increased SDK support.
  • Landscape mode in most core applications

Apparently there are 100 updates, but given how small some of these got I bet it will barely be noticeable.

The SDK updates are actually amidst the best part of this upgrade, including push notification support, support for in-app purchases and subscription models, support for voice in games, and a whole host of other things that will make life easier for developers, and hopefully improve future applications.

Now, with all of these updates how does it compare to our old cellphone?

Must have’s



Make/Receive calls Check Check
Edit number before a call Oops Check
Speed dial Oops Check
Voice dial Oops Check
Send/Receive SMSs Check Check
Address Book Check Check
Send/Receive contacts Check Check
Delete SMS’s Check Check
Forward SMS’s Check Check
Copy and paste Check Check
Add recipients to SMS reply Check Check

We’re almost there! Looks like Apple listened to us. Well, to us and to the rest of the iPhone community this was demanding this stuff. But it was mainly us. We’re that important!