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What happened to the Google Analytics IQ Test?

In recent weeks, we’ve received a number of calls from clients who can’t figure out how to take the Google Analytics IQ exam. In the past, you had to pay to take the test and it was a little easier to find. However, now it’s free and under the “Partners” area in Google. To take the GAIQ exam, follow the steps below.

How to Take the GAIQ Exam

    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Join Google Partners” in the top navigation.

    1. Next, click the button “Join Now” under Earn you Google Partner badge.

    1. Follow the instructions and sign in with your Google Account


  1. Once signed up, click “Analytics” on the left side. On the right side, click “Take Exam” (when you’re ready). You have 90 minutes, 70 questions, 80% is a passing score. Your exam results will appear on that page within 48 hours.


Benefits of Individual Certification

Google Analytics is an integral part of digital marketing measurement (Google Analytics, like most things Google, has a market stronghold as the analytics platform of choice among…well…the entire Internet). This is “the” exam that really qualifies and sets any type of bar for your and others knowledge of GA (also checkout Eric Fettman’s Not to mention, it’s really a cool thing to add to your LinkedIn profile/resume!

We’ve also seen clients who wish to create corporate culture of measurement and maintain a standard of quality make this certification mandatory for it’s entire digital analytics team.

Study for this Exam! Help for the Google Analytics IQ Exam/Test

Don’t mess around – if you’re new to GA, you need an 80% to pass!

What’s cool is at the bottom of this page, there are links to the Google Analytics Academy fundamentals, video courses provided by Google about GA.

If that’s not enough and you want to learn more best practices and advanced strategies about Google Analytics (to prep for the exam), take one of our live Google Analytics Training workshops or have us come train your company! We have one of the top rated Google Analytics training courses in the nation and have worked with some of the worlds most popular brands to help them activate their data. Our course will prep you for sure.

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