Google launched real time search this week, Chrome released the textensions market place (which rocks), but hey everyone is talking about that, right? Lets look at something else.

This week we have Huo Mah ranting on SEO’s knowledge of Search Engines, BP Wrap on how email is determined to be spam, wordpress template development hints, and IBM on how to harvest idiomatic patterns in design.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • We’ll start the week with a wonderfully angry rant from Huo Mah on why you need to school yourself in search engine technology.
  • Next up BPWrap hits a topic close to my heart: STOP SENDING JUNK MAIL! Specifically This post looks at some of the key indicators that a message is spam, and how ISP’s determine that.
  • Last but certainly not least, GoodROI on how Google allows to spam results. Well that may be a little harsh, but it does explain how huge multi-department stores with massive link power can cause problems both for users and for businesses when it comes to finding stuff on google.


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