After you get past the Dashboard you will notice some features in your Google Analytics reports that are always present regardless of which report you are viewing.  These common interface features will become very familiar to you as you begin to review and analyze your site’s data.

Here are some of the things you will see on each report page.

1) Date Ranges – As you saw on the dashboard the date range defaults to last 30 days – but you can change that and set up comparisons to meet your needs.
2) Overview Graph – A quick view of the report you are working with.
3) Add to Dashboard – Click this button to make the present graph one of the 12 featured on your dashboard.
4) Sharing Options – Email the report to colleagues or clients as needed or set up a schedule to have the reports emailed for those that need to see the them regularly.  In addition reports can be exported to one of four formats; PDF, XML, CSV or TSV.

Up Next: Setting Date Ranges