Predictive Analytics

Manage Market Storms with Data-Driven Forecasting

Earlier this year, we were planning to celebrate my son Sohum’s birthday in the last week of January. A few days before our plans, a weather forecast alerted us to a historic weather event with a massive polar vortex set to hit Chicago and much of the Midwest. Fortunately, due to solid weather forecasting, we … Read Full Post

Using purchase intent analysis to assess actual dollar value of digital actions

Photo credit: Pixabay

Purchase intent is an exciting new tool in the predictive analytics bag. A purchase intent analysis is a statistically modeled approach to assessing the actual dollar value of digital actions and touch points. It involves compiling data from a variety of different sources — both online and offline — and merging them all together to … Read Full Post

Forecasting with Machine Learning Techniques

Forecasting is everywhere. For years, people have been forecasting weather patterns, economic and political events, sports outcomes, and more. Because we try to predict so many different events, there are a wide variety of ways in which forecasts can be developed. Using simple intuition, expert opinions, or using of past results to compare with traditional … Read Full Post

Predictive Analytics: 3 Case Studies in Seeing the Future

Predictive analytics can help you use past data to predict likely future outcomes. While these techniques have long been used in forecasting, risk aversion, and even fraud detection, in the digital world, predictive can be extremely powerful. These days the amount of digital marketing data and the availability of enormous processing power make the application … Read Full Post

Data Activation

We hear the jargon at every conference: predictive, programmatic, personalization, lifetime value, DMPs, right-message-right-person-right-time and so on. Little wonder then that marketers get discouraged—those desirable end-states often seem so far from where the organization is today. Too often the gap between untrusted data and real decision-making seems insurmountable. And marketers revert to the old-fashioned way … Read Full Post

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).