What do you do when the nation—nay, the world—is in economic turmoil? When businesses are going under, people are having a hard time finding jobs, and the economic climate is looking bad?

You expand of course!

Seeing as we're hiring new staff, we decided it was time to increase our digs and expand our floor space.

We bought the neighbors offices—initially a series of divided rooms.

Then we decided that we didn't like the carpets…

Or the walls…

Or really anything else…

By this point the wall “frames” (or whatever they're called) were taken down, a couple of new walls (like the blue one) were put in, and the carpets were put in.

And there you have it, our final (though still somewhat messy) office expansion.

For reference, that last shot is from the same place (albeit a slightly different angle) as the earlier hallway shots.

And that's it, VKI's new office extension. Not shown are the bosses new office, the still disorganized (but cleaner) old office, and the games room (it's not set up yet).