Sarah Viala

Passionate about digital analytics and marketing, Sarah has multiple-project experience with online marketing where she developed her appetite for web statistics, data story-telling, and content optimization.   Always looking for new challenges, Sarah developed a strong sense of creativity and critical thinking that she applies to problem-solving situations, being one of the recipients for the Entrepreneur's Choice award at SFU's Opportunity Festival.   In 2016, she received a MScM in Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing and High-Tech Management from Grenoble Business School in France. An adventurer at heart with a taste for foreign languages, she travelled across Europe, studied in China and Canada before settling in Vancouver, British Colombia.    She enjoys morning runs, RPG & strategy games, cooking all kind of cuisines and reading science-fiction.

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So, you want to speak search engine?

Search engines must crawl and index trillions of pages and files across the web in order to return the most relevant results to match their users’ search queries. The two main influencers (determined by algorithms which are made up of many different ranking factors) are: Relevancy; this is the degree to which the content of … Read Full Post

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