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Customer Insights With Google Analytics Demographics

Demographics reporting inside Google Analytics is another recent improvement to Google Analytics that levels the playing field for small and medium sized firms. At Cardinal Path we are often breaking new ground with our clients using the latest digital measurement technologies from Google, and we are surfacing the new demographic data in almost all client engagements. … Read Full Post


Google Announces an Integration with Google Analytics and ‘DoubleClick Campaign Manager’ (DCM, the system formerly known as DFA)

Cardinal Path blog post

Background – Innovation and Integration Google is famous for innovating around smart software in the cloud. Originally this was just organic search, but Google has proven to be much more than a one-trick pony. It turns out that the ability to construct a brilliant algorithm is also valuable in the world of business. The latest … Read Full Post

Using QR codes and Google Analytics to track mobile devices

Google Analytics also has a great feature that allows for us to measure the impact of marketing and promotional efforts. This includes email campaigns, partner banner ads, Google Adwords, and social media, and we now have a great opportunity to blend out offline campaigns with our online measurement. This opportunity is specifically tailored to mobile … Read Full Post