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Shawn’s focus for the past ten years has been on digital marketing, digital product development, sales and business development. He comes to Cardinal Path from such companies as Chicago Tribune where he held the position of VP, Product Development; Simage Digital Agency as CMO; and Rewards Network Agency as Director of Digital Marketing Strategy. In addition to this, Shawn has fifteen years of experience spent on the client side of business as Playboy Enterprise’s VP Key Account Marketing, Comcast Cable’s Director of Sales & Marketing, just to name a few. Shawn has served on many professional boards and won the Pinnacle Award for his service as the inaugural President of CTAM Midwest Chapter. He is a member of the American Marketing Association in Chicago. Shawn has a breadth of experience in cross-channel and cross-departmental expertise. Shawn holds a Communications Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Shawn is an avid cyclist (when there is no ice) and you will often see him perspiring at his desk from his morning commute.  

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Upcoming Webinar: Mobile-First Indexing Must-Do’s for Maximizing SEO Impact

“Mobile-first” or “responsive” design are ubiquitous as buzzwords, but many organizations are still catching up, in practice, to the disruption that mobile has brought to marketing. With two-thirds of the global population – 7.6 billion people – using a mobile phone, and more than half of all searches conducted via mobile, it’s an area ripe … Read Full Post

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5 Areas where Enhanced Ecommerce Provides Deeper Insights

Even with the remarkable rise of online retail enhanced ecommerce is designed to keep pace. It’s fair to say there are five main benefits that enhanced ecommerce enables merchants to understand and take advantage of Google Analytics (GA) to provide deeper insights into their customer’s journey. They are: shopping/purchasing behavior, ecommerce performance, merchandising performance, product attribution, … Read Full Post

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7 Easy-to-Follow Landing Page Best Practices

There are so many factors to consider when developing a landing page, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about landing pages, so we’ve compiled this list of the 7 most important things you should consider before creating one. 1. Mobile-First As marketers, we must … Read Full Post

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7 Trends to Shape Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2017

What don’t you know about digital marketing? A lot. A major challenge for CMOs for 2017 will be in fully understanding the MarTech Landscape. We all know that technology is transforming marketing faster than ever before– and we need to be agile enough to keep up. The number of vendors that are competing for marketers’ budgets has … Read Full Post

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