Nicky Yuen

After having worked for almost a decade as an engineer in telecommunications and also in electrical utilities, Nicky has now stepped into the fascinating and exciting realm of digital analytics. Nicky specializes in implementations in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, performing business and technical activities, analyzing clients' business objectives, and translating those objectives into effective implementations to improve measurement, analysis, and reporting of business performance. He is active in various forums (Google Products, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn), sharing knowledge and learning more. Nicky is also certified as a Google Analytics Qualified Individual, and is Sweetspot Intelligence certified, in addition to his other Google Analytics certifications: Platform Principles, Ecommerce Analytics, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and son and enjoys almost everything to do with the Canadian outdoors.

Posts by: Nicky Yuen

Google Analytics Shopping Stages Explained

The Shopping Analysis reports within the Google Analytics Ecommerce section are comprised of the Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior reports. In this post, I will go into detail about how to create and interpret them. These reports both include visualizations of the overall funnel activity of users through a site’s Ecommerce experience, from the number … Read Full Post