Mary Andrews

Mary is an Associate Director of Digital Intelligence. With a natural affinity for mathematics as predicated on a B.S. and M.S. in engineering, she moved into the marketing analytics realm 9 years ago. Her first foray was in the pharmaceutical industry, where she focused on analyzing consumer interactions and responses to both above-the-line and direct advertising. With this type of 360 marketing experience as a basis, and with a keen interest and related classwork in library science, usability, and product design, she decided to specialize in digital. During her time at agencies Ogilvy and Critical Mass, she worked on large B2C and B2B (Time Warner, SAP, Dupont), ecommerce (Adidas, Moen), automotive (Infiniti), and tourism (Travel Alberta, South Africa Tourism, Miami) clients. From hands-on measurement strategy, to data collection infrastructure development and implementation, to reporting, to optimization through testing, she has experience across the full project horizon. She has launched net-new data collection as well as enhanced already-existing frameworks. Her focus is the art and science of measurement; she endeavors to design clean data collection systems whereby the data that is collected can tell the key story – that is, the story that answers the clients’ business questions.