Google Analytics is great for monitoring the conversion performance of your different marketing channels. However, in order to make the proper analysis of your marketing campaigns you need to have a thorough understanding of how Google Analytics handles source attribution.

This webinar Adrian Vender will cover:

  • How Google Analytics identifies campaign sources
  • How to use campaign tagging
  • How to intepret Multi-Channel Funnel reports
  • The attribution modeling dilemma

About Adrian

Adrian is an SEO Manager and Analytics Consultant at Cardinal Path in Tempe, Arizona. Adrian merges a highly technical background with a passion for measurable and results driven search and online marketing programs.

Adrian is responsible for developing well-executed digital strategies for his clients, as well as driving some of the most challenging analytics, conversion testing and metrics tracking implementations from a technical perspective. Adrian’s experience with a multitude of online marketing areas ranges from paid and organic search to web analytics, as well as programming and implementation.

Adrian is a certified consultant and trainer for Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Website Optimizer. Adrian also speaks at industry events like Search Marketing Expo on search and analytics strategies.