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Go-To-Market Lead, Analytics, Google

Adam has been at Google since 2012, most recently leading strategy and commercialization for Google Analytics. Prior to joining Google, he spent time at The Independent Film Channel, Microsoft and Stern Advertising. His experiences working with both large and small clients give him a unique view. In his spare time, Adam loves hiking with his family and 5 year old Vizsla, travel, craft beer and sneakers.

Session: Introduction to Google App + Web: Benefits, Setup, and Roadmap

Sr. Manager, Marketing Cloud Product Management, Salesforce

Andy Banks has been working in technology for 15 years, focusing on understanding a wide variety of customer problem spaces and building solutions that help to solve them. Andy joined Salesforce five years ago and for the last three years he led a grass roots product development integration partnership with Google Analytics.

Session: Enabling the Native Integration Between Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Google Analytics 360

Associate Director, Analysis & Optimization, Cardinal Path

Anthony applies over a decade of experience across specialities including digital measurement strategy, Google Analytics, tag management, advanced segmentation, experimental design and heuristics, media mix & attribution modeling, user experience analysis, and data visualization.

Session: Humanizing Data: Analytics-Driven Online Experiences

Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Medifast, Inc.

Ben is a creative digital leader with 10+ years experience in developing digital marketing and eCommerce strategies for customer acquisition, heightened onlin experience, and revenue growth. His expertise spans all aspects of the digital marketing toolkit – Display, Paid Search, Social Media, SEO and Affiliate Marketing. Recognizing the importance of a measurement framework to underpin digital marketing efforts, Ben has led the development and deployment of analytics to ensure a data-driven approach is baked in to marketing processes.

Session: Using the Data at your Fingertips: Understanding the Customer Journey with GA360 + BigQuery

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce

Blake has over 20-years of experience working in media and technology, primarily in product development, sales, and marketing. For the last decade, he has been focused on email marketing and advertising technology, helping brands create relationships at scale. Prior to joining Salesforce, he previously worked at ESPN and CareerBuilder. He has an MBA from DePaul and BA from Baylor.

Session: KeyNote – Digital Marketing Outlook 2021: Identity, Consent & Experience

Manager, Implementation, Cardinal Path

Brianna has worked on a variety of digital projects in many capacities including as a frontend developer, web designer, a digital marketing consultant and as a senior web analytics solutions architect for over ten years. Brianna works primarily with Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst/ Omniture)and Google Analytics and is certified in both products. She has an in-depth knowledge of analytics best practices and can help guide clients and their IT team through detailed implementations, from business requirement gathering to deployment. She works closely with stakeholders to ensure all their KPIs are tracked and a suitable technology stack is chosen.

Session: Introduction to Google App + Web: Benefits, Setup, and Roadmap

Product Specialist, Audience & Measurement, Google

Bryce is an Audience, Measurement and Privacy Specialist at Google. He reached his ten year mark with the company this year, has worked across the platforms business and now supports sales teams and clients in adapting their marketing strategies in an ecosystem that has changed rapidly from browser updates and new regulations. He’s also a new parent with a two month old that hopefully is on good behavior for the next 30 minutes.

Session: Audience Curation & Targeting with Google Marketing Platform (GMP)

Director of Solutions Consulting, Claravine

Christine Reges is an accomplished digital analytics professional with nearly 10 years experience helping organizations define and execute integrated, data-driven initiatives & analytics solution strategies. Her extensive analytics knowledge paired with her passion for collaboration and data, has garnered her roles at some of the largest global organizations and agencies; where she has been instrumental in analytics strategy and implementation. At Claravine, Christine is currently working as the Director of Solutions Consulting, helping organizations define best in class solutions to fit their data management needs.

Session: Enterprise Campaign Tagging: Achieving Data Integrity & Accountability

Director, Product Marketing, OneTrust PreferenceChoice

Claire Feeney serves as Director at OneTrust PreferenceChoice — part of the #1 most widely used privacy, security and marketing user experience technology platform. In her role, Feeney is responsible for driving the development and delivery of OneTrust’s consent and preference management product as well as driving the refinement of the toolset and offerings. She works with marketers to centralize their user consent and preference management; comply with 100s of global data privacy regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA; and to drive engaging user experiences while promoting transparency as a key part of branding. Prior to OneTrust PreferenceChoice, Feeney led many strategic projects as a product marketer at VMware and has been responsible for pricing and packaging strategy, key technology partnerships, and digital properties and content. Claire earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Georgia.

Session: Going Beyond Compliance: Top 3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Audience

co-CEO, Cardinal Path

As co-founder of Cardinal Path, Corey oversees analysis, data science, media, and product development. He is a well-known speaker and has educated tens of thousands in the art and science of online marketing measurement, statistical analysis, and optimization. He is the author of Display Advertising: An Hour A Day (Wiley, 2012) as well as the Lynda.com Advanced Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager series, and has served as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Chevron, Intel, NBC, Time Warner, Universal Music, and more, to improve their online effectiveness through results-oriented, data-driven optimization.

Session: Hyper-Personalized, People-Based Marketing & KeyNote – Digital Marketing Outlook 2021: Identity, Consent & Experience

VP, Marketplace & Retailer Optimisation, iProspect

Session: The Amazon Opportunity for Retail and Advertising

Director of Capabilities and Enablement, Cardinal Path

As an educator and coach, Eric translates complexity into understandable ideas, real-world examples, and actionable next steps. He concretely supports and inspires individuals and organizations as they develop analytics skills and programs. Eric is coauthor of Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact and is grateful for the tremendous opportunities for lifelong learning and impact that digital analytics offers.

Session: Enterprise Campaign Tagging: Achieving Data Integrity & Accountability

Sr. SEO Consultant, Cardinal Path

Faysal has over 15 years of experience in IT and marketing; including mobile and web development, market research and analysis, SEO, SEM, email marketing, out-of-home advertising. He started working with Cardinal Path in 2015 and currently supports B2B and B2C with search engine optimization, data visualization, and marketing data analysis.

Session: Core Web Vitals: Upgrading Experiences for Robust SEO

CTO, Cardinal Path As Chief Technology Officer for Cardinal Path, the world’s largest reseller of Google Analytics 360, Feras helps brands and public sector organizations to deliver data-driven marketing value. An industry thought leader in the Google Marketing tech stack, he’s the co-author of Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact, is a Certified Web Analyst, Board Member, Red Cross Northern California, and is a practitioner and passionate about the art of Aikido. Session: Audience Curation & Targeting with Google Marketing Platform (GMP)

Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury

As Chief Strategy Officer of Merkury, Merkle’s identity resolution and data platform, Gerry leads sales and marketing, solutions, and business operations efforts aimed at integrating first-party identity and data products and solutions into Merkle and Dentsu agencies’ various services.

Session: Hyper-Personalized, People-Based Marketing

President, Cloudkettle

Session: Enabling the Native Integration Between Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Google Analytics 360

Director, Google Marketing Platforms, Google

Session: KeyNote – Digital Marketing Outlook 2021: Identity, Consent & Experience

Vice President, Client Services, Cardinal Path

Joe translates business objectives into actionable media strategies with an accountability framework underpinning every dollar invested. He approaches media planning from an analytical perspective, always trying to account for human motivation and insights when it comes to deciding upon the most effective and appropriate media touch-points for his clients’ brands.

Session: Media Budget Evaluator: Optimize Spend Ranges Based on Historical Performance

Vice President, Digital Transformation, Cardinal Path

John is Vice President of Digital Transformation at Cardinal Path. He has 20+ years experience in identifying and implementing solutions that transform organizations. He’s passionate about helping brands build a long-term activation strategy that will help unify their customer data, targeting, technology and insights.

Session: Identifying and Hardening Against PII in Google Analytics

Vice President, Cardinal Path

Jonathan has specialized in data-driven marketing for almost 20 years working with numerous global brands to help them turn their data into a true asset. He has extensive experience leveraging marketing technology to enable truly actionable strategies. At Cardinal Path he manages the Data Science and Data Engineering teams.

Session: Achieving Data-Driven Attribution & Identity Resolution at Cisco

EVP, Sellwin Consulting

Julie is a strategic Amazon consultancy at Dentsu. She is responsible for growing new and existing partnerships with clients, tech partners, and key agency stakeholders. Prior to this, she led Strategic Partnerships at eBay, partnering with advertisers to drive strategies that capitalized on first party shopper data. Prior to eBay, she ran Marketing and Sales Strategy at Dstillery, and earlier in her career, Julie spent eight years at Razorfish leading the media practice for clients like Citibank, H&R Block, Marriott Hotels, and Mercedes-Benz. Prior to Razorfish, Julie spent eight years at Verizon overseeing both the offline and online media portfolio.

Session: The Amazon Opportunity for Retail and Advertising

Director, Global Customer Experience & Scale, Intel

Session: KeyNote – Digital Marketing Outlook 2021: Identity, Consent & Experience

Director, Analytics & Insights, DEG

Lauren Frazell is the Director of Analytics and Insight at DEG, Linked by Isobar, a trusted digital marketing partner to national and global brands. In her role, Lauren leads and develops DEG’s team of marketing analysts helping clients identify, measure, and derive recommendations that grow their business. She is passionate about finding patterns in data that uncover insights challenging conventional thinking and driving business objectives. Lauren strives to understand and bring out the best in people, whether with the team she manages or through data for her clients’ benefit.

Session: Achieving Customer Centricity through Customer Lifetime Value

Director, Client Services, Cardinal Path

Lauren is Director of Client Services at Cardinal Path, with over 17 years’ experience in client service and account strategy/planning across several verticals. This position takes advantage of her ability to ask the right questions and connect the right dots together for the best possible outcome for everyone involved. (she may update last line but for now this is fine).

Session: Identifying and Hardening Against Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Google Analytics

Global Media Innovation Lead, Cisco

As Global Media Innovation Lead for Cisco’s in-house paid media team, Lori is directing data driven advertising executions that supports Cisco’s customer journeys in over 40 countries. For more than a decade, she has been a key leader in data driven insights for the world’s largest media agencies and marketers.

Session: Achieving Data-Driven Attribution & Identity Resolution at Cisco


Group Director, Analysis & Insights, Cardinal Path

Mary’s focus is on the art and science of measurement; she endeavors to design clean data collection systems whereby the data that is collected can tell the key story – that is, the story that answers the clients’ business questions.

Session: Using the Data at your Fingertips: Understanding the Customer Journey with GA360 + BigQuery

Director, Retail Industry Strategy, Adobe

Session: KeyNote – Digital Marketing Outlook 2021: Identity, Consent & Experience

Group Director, Analysis & Insights, Cardinal Path

Nick helps organizations to improve their business performance by building their analytics capabilities. He’s a known though-leader, author, educator and presenter who formerly worked for Google leading the Analytics Guru team, and he holds an MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Session: Data-Driven Segmentation: Making Anonymous Audiences Addressable

Senior Solutions Engineer, New Business, Cardinal Path

Nick comes from a software development background with over fifteen years of experience designing and developing database-driven web applications. He utilizes server development across multiple platforms and technologies and is a GCP (Google Cloud Platform) certified developer, and GAIQ.

Session: Enabling the Native Integration Between Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Google Analytics 360


Manager, Implementation, Cardinal Path

Patrick Soch is a veteran digital marketer with deep experience in online travel, luxury consumer goods, higher education, and e-commerce. He is an analytics power user, using data to help clients adeptly manage and optimize online marketing efforts for profitability. Patrick helps clients translate business objectives into meaningful KPIs and impactful, data-driven marketing executions.

Session: Navigating Google Ad Tech

Associate Director, Search Engine Optimization, Cardinal Path

Paula is Associate Director, Search Engine Optimization at Cardinal Path, with over 10 years experience with analytics and search engine optimization. Paula enjoys the evolving search landscape and, along with a team of SEO consultants, assists large and small business with the development of effective and sustainable SEO strategies.

Session: SEO to Fuel Digital Transformation

Sr. Manager, Marketing Analytics, Salesforce

Sanjay Gosain is a Senior Manager of Marketing Data Intelligence at Salesforce. Sanjay has been part of the project team responsible for the GA360/GMP transition for the www.salesforce.com property and digital marketing ecosystem. Sanjay has extensive experience with web analytics, marketing technology platforms, data quality, and advanced analysis. Prior to Salesforce, Sanjay held responsibility for web analytics at Capital Group Companies. He has a PhD in business administration from the Marshall School at the University of Southern California. He lives in Irvine, CA with his wife and two kids.

Session: Google Marketing Platform Adoption at Salesforce: Case Study

Director, Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path

Tara is Director of Data Engineering on Cardinal Path’s Data Science team. She focuses on advancing clients’ capabilities by solving their challenges in data integration and transformation. With a deep background in consulting across a variety of verticals and platforms, Tara is often a heavily relied upon resource to bridge communication gaps and unlock technical barriers.

Sessions: The Reporting Maturity Path: Creating a Data-Informed Culture & Google Marketing Platform Adoption at Salesforce: Case Study

Director, Care Tire Digital Marketing, Bridgestone

Session: KeyNote – Digital Marketing Outlook 2021: Identity, Consent & Experience

Manager, Implementation, Cardinal Path

Wesley has over 10 years experience in Digital Analytics implementations and web application development. He specializes in cross channel analytics implementations. Wesley serves as a guest lecturer at Georgia Tech and gives industry talks on best practice implementations.

Session: Technical Marketer’s Guide to Debugging Tools

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