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State of Digital Marketing Analytics in Top 1000 U.S. Retailers Report Shows Multi-Platform Adoption, Continued Growth

NEW YORKFeb. 23, 2018 — Cardinal Path has published its annual State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 1000 Internet Retailers report for 2018, uncovering analytics maturity and marketing technology adoption across the top 1000 U.S. online retailers.

This year’s report finds that many -and a growing number- of organizations have deployed multiple parallel solutions across analytics, tag management, testing, optimization & personalization, and data management platforms as they continue to optimize and streamline their marketing technology stack amidst explosive growth in this space.

“Enabling marketing success through technology is clearly an ongoing priority for many online retailers as they look to automate tasks, gain efficiencies and secure competitive advantage through data-driven insights,” says Nick Iyengar, Director, Digital Intelligence with Cardinal Path and author of the report.

“Even in categories that have achieved universal adoption, such as analytics platforms, we continue to see growth as organizations deploy more than one platform.”

The trend towards multiple platforms plays into the growth seen by leading MarTech vendors including Google and Adobe for analytics.

For a full breakdown of the market share, growth, leaders, and laggards across the most popular tools in the marketing technology landscape, download the report.

Cardinal Path partnered with ObservePoint to conduct the analysis using their market-leading scanning tool.

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