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Chicago, IL: September 17, 2013 — Frequency540 (FQ540), an independent Chicago-based agency, has been selected by Panthera – the largest organization dedicated to wild cat conservation across the globe – to lead the organization’s cause-marketing strategy and development in partnership with Cardinal Path, an independent data and analytics firm and sister company to FQ540.

Together, they will be helping to amplify Panthera’s passionate advocacy for the world’s big cats through brand films highlighting Panthera’s mission, with creative strategy backed by precise data analysis. By integrating online donor acquisition with offline partnership building, the partnership will create a new approach to fundraising for the non-profit organization.

“We chose to partner with FQ540 and Cardinal Path because we wanted to communicate differently, and more effectively, about who we are and why our organization matters to the world,” said Andrea Heydlauff, Vice President of Panthera. “Our mission of protecting some of the most iconic species on the planet, the big cats of the world, is an urgent issue, and now is the time to bring renewed focus and awareness to this mission. Frequency540 is a rare mix of marketing talent and social impact strategy that is hard to find in the advertising world. We are genuinely excited to partner with them.”

“Amplifying the remarkable work that Panthera is doing to save wild cats as leaders in their field is our primary focus at FQ540 and Cardinal Path,” said Andrew Swinand, Co-founder, Frequency540/CEO Cardinal Path, who, along with Charlie Stone, David Friedman, Kelly Twohig and Dominic Lee, are leading the agency relationships. “By helping Panthera track and analyze their extensive amount of data, we can truly craft a marketing strategy that helps raise both awareness and engagement on behalf of their organization.”

The campaign is set to launch in October 2013.

About Cardinal Path:

As a premier, independent digital data analytics firm in North America and a leading global reseller of Google Analytics Premium, Cardinal Path – a portfolio company within Abundant Venture Partners – works with the world’s most prominent companies to create, implement and action advanced analytics. Known for its proprietary Online Analytics Maturity Model, a framework for assessing organization-wide analytics maturity, Cardinal Path is comprised of dedicated teams of passionate, award winning analysts, statisticians, academics, developers, and some of the top minds in the digital marketing space. Together, we help our clients unlock the value of their data across a wide digital footprint, sharing all that we know and empowering confident decision making that creates sustainable growth.



Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Frequency540 (FQ540) is an independent agency, part of the Abundant Venture Partners portfolio. Since 2012, FQ540 has been helping brands be optimally seen by understanding consumer’s passions through behavioral analytics, by discovering and defining a brand’s true purpose, by telling stories through compelling owned content, and by accelerating ideas to create social change. FQ540 aligns a brand's Purpose, Passion, and Product to create prosperity for all. Named for a frequency of 540 hertz – the optimal to be seen by the human eye – FQ540 strives to create an optimal environment for our people and partners to thrive. For more information, visit: 


Panthera, founded in 2006, is devoted exclusively to the conservation of wild cats and their ecosystems. Utilizing the expertise of the world’s premier cat biologists, Panthera develops and implements global conservation strategies for the largest, most imperiled cats – tigers, lions, jaguars, and snow leopards. Representing the most comprehensive effort of its kind, Panthera works in partnership with local and international NGOs, scientific institutions, local communities and governments around the globe. Visit


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