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Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) speeds accurate tag implementation in the era of increasing page-tagging complexity 

Ottawa, Ontario – June 6, 2013 – Cardinal Path, the largest independent digital data analytics firm in North America and the #1 global reseller of Google Analytics Premium, is proud to announce the formal acquisition of WASP, the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a tool that facilitates the rapid and accurate quality assurance of implemented page tagging for web analytics such as Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud or IBM Coremetrics.

Created in 2006 by Cardinal Path Director of Strategic Services, Stéphane Hamel, WASP has been the industry leader in quality assurance testing for analytics tagging. The tool was recently acquired from iPerceptions and is readily available on the website as of June 6, 2013 in conjunction with an update to bring Chrome functionality to the software.

“With the advent of tag management systems, it’s even harder to figure out what is going on behind the scenes of your web pages. The complexity in media data-gathering has increased exponentially and so many tagging quality issues go unresolved that over the years I’ve never seen a site without issues,” said Hamel. “The current auditing solutions in the marketplace are time-consuming, complex and expensive which leads to collecting wrong or incomplete data – and businesses simply can’t afford to make important decisions on the wrong data.”

The newest release of WASP includes the best of its ancestor page-by-page/”in situ” validation as well as new and unique features such as visualization of data collection flows, a new algorithm to detect tags and an improved user experience. Upcoming WASP versions are projected to bring a more efficient method of conducting crawls, collaborative features and ways to make the quality assurance process easier.

WASP is yet another innovation that Cardinal Path brings to the mission of enabling strategic, data-driven decision making at every level of our partners’ organizations. We seek to leverage the latest digital technology, thinking and approaches so that our partners can maintain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

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About Cardinal Path:

As a premier, independent digital data analytics firm in North America and a leading global reseller of Google Analytics Premium, Cardinal Path works with the world’s most prominent companies to create, implement and action their advanced analytics and data strategies. Known for its proprietary Online Analytics Maturity Model, a framework for assessing organization-wide analytics maturity, Cardinal Path is comprised of dedicated teams of passionate, award winning analysts, statisticians, academics, developers, and some of the top minds in the digital marketing space. Together, we help our clients unlock the value of their data across a wide digital footprint, sharing all that we know and empowering confident decision making that creates sustainable growth.


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