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Chicago, IL: July 31, 2013 — Cardinal Path, a premier, independent data analytics firm in North America and the #1 global reseller of Google Analytics Premium, announces they have been supported by Microsoft to facilitate marketers’ ability to excel in their use of the Bing Ads platform.

Microsoft worked with Cardinal Path to help marketers gain foundational and advanced knowledge of Bing Ads platform functionality including account management, scoring mechanisms, and reporting features. Cardinal Path will offer this training in conjunction with their existing Google AdWords instruction (

“As many marketers prefer a classroom format training, Microsoft chose to work with Cardinal Path to deploy Bing Ads training given their leadership in this area,” said Dalip Tyagi, SMB Agency Marketing Leader at Microsoft Corporation.

“Our Google Ads trainees were eager for the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of accessing Bing’s reach into Windows 8, Office, Xbox, Windows Phone and, potentially, Facebook,” said Cardinal Path CEO Andrew Swinand. “We are delighted that Microsoft selected Cardinal Path as their primary search training partner in North America.”

With over 164 million unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network alone – and Apple Corporation’s recent announcement that Bing will be the Siri virtual assistant’s default search engine in its upcoming iOS 7 release – there has never been a better time to gain expertise in the Bing Ads platform.

“As Bing continues to grow its global market share of search queries, it creates more opportunities to connect advertisers with consumers.  We want to extend Bing Ads training to digital marketers through all potential channels so they can harness the power of Bing Ads platform,” said Katy Hunter, Senior Director of Marketing at Microsoft Corporation.  “We hope that marketers will continue to expand their use of Bing Ads in line with expanded consumer usage.”

Cardinal Path has partnered with a wide array of industry leaders across platforms, technologies and providers to present trainees with the very latest trends and expertise. With recognized thought leaders, published authors, established speakers, and university professors as instructors, Cardinal Path has trained over 50,000 marketing professionals through live public, corporate, agency, and private events all over the world.

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As a premier, independent digital data analytics firm in North America and a leading global reseller of Google Analytics Premium, Cardinal Path works with the world’s most prominent companies to create, implement and action their advanced analytics and data strategies. Known for its proprietary Online Analytics Maturity Model, a framework for assessing organization-wide analytics maturity, Cardinal Path is comprised of dedicated teams of passionate, award winning analysts, statisticians, academics, developers, and some of the top minds in the digital marketing space. Together, we help our clients unlock the value of their data across a wide digital footprint, sharing all that we know and empowering confident decision making that creates sustainable growth. WHEN YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW, THINK CARDINAL PATH.

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