Join us on August 24th for a live webinar- “A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Dashboards: Surfacing Insights for Business Impact”.

When done right, marketing analytics dashboards should give you the power to grow revenue and gain a competitive advantage. But enterprise data can be extremely complex, can involve multiple stakeholders, and meaningful insights are all-too-often lost in the mix. Dashboards should provide a simple view of the marketing impact on a business, and they should allow you to draw insights which lead to actionable results.

Join us on August 24th, at 10am Pacific/1 pm Eastern, for a expert-led webinar which will teach you how to create value with your dashboards, and why so many dashboards fail.

You will learn about:

  • Proven deployment methods for successful dashboards — from timelines to ongoing execution & analysis
  • Customizing user profiles to reflect the needs of business stakeholder
  • Critical governance techniques to maintain dashboard health
  • Recent, real-world case studies showcasing ‘lessons learned’

Webinar registrants will also receive 25% off of Cardinal Path Training Academy’s exclusive online training Tableau: Best Practices for Google Analytics Dashboards online training!