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Wishing Phil Mui a Fond Farewell

It was announced today that Phil Mui will be leaving his role as group product manager of Google Analytics after having shaped and grown this product into what has become the world’s largest web analytics platform.

We’ve counted ourselves very fortunate to have known and worked with Phil over the years, and we’ve been lucky enough to witness the outstanding work he has done in building a product that has been adopted and used on over 10 million websites across the globe. During Phil’s tenure at Google, he’s rolled out some incredible features like event tracking, advanced segments, social reporting, and attribution modeling among myriad others.

At Cardinal Path, we’ve seen first hand the impact that these developments and this product have had on our clients in helping them to understand their data and empower them to make better decisions. We’ve seen the entire data industry grow and flourish in response to the accessibility and technological advancements provided by tools like Google Analytics on a massive scale. And at the end of the day, we’ve seen this product enable its end users to do wonderful things.

While we look forward to continuing to work with the exceptional product group that Phil has built at Google, his vacancy will certainly be felt. We’d like to thank Phil Mui for his vision, his dedication, and his accomplishments while at Google, and we wish him a bright and exciting future in his new role as Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Acxiom.

Thanks Phil.

The Partners and Team of Cardinal Path

  • Scott

    Great work on everything you have accomplished with Google. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  • Jhossack

    I’m personally very excited for Phil as he embarks on this new journey. Phil has been a great person to work with while he was at Google and he will be greatly missed. That being said I’m looking forward to learning more about what Phil will be doing at his new job and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the near future.

  • Jose Uzcategui

    All the best to Phil – haven’t met in person just yet, but grateful for all the advancements he brought to GA.

  • Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

    I met him in a few Google Analytics Conferences. He is certainly one of the biggest minds behind Web Analytics. 

    He’ll be missed for sure. 

  • David Eckman

    Phil’s been a key contributor to a lot of what we see in Google Analytics today and someone who has set GA on a great trajectory that I’m sure will continue.  Looking forward to seeing what Phil’s new role will bring.

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