SEO Foundations

A Comprehensive Introduction to Search Optimization

Now is the time to learn SEO!  By better understanding how Google crawls your site and the best way to structure your content, you can improve your search visibility and ultimately — your conversions. Our hands-on, workshop style approach to training is designed for beginners and those who need a refresher of the basics of SEO. Learn to make sense of it all and get set up for success.

Do you  already have a website or are planning to launch one?  Our SEO Foundations course will help you get started on the right track so you know what direction you’re moving in.

What’s Covered in this SEO course?

SEO: Foundations will introduce you to the key SEO elements and practical steps to execute and refine your SEO at any stage of your website. This training will provide you with the education to help you rank higher organically and drive traffic to your site. You will learn about how Google crawls your site and how you should structure your content to improve your visibility, drive relevant traffic, better engage your users and ultimately gain more conversions. This course will also introduce you to free tools, platforms and extensions you can leverage that will help deconstruct how your website is performing, including tutorials on Google Search Console and Google Analytics. And to tie it all together and build a roadmap, the course will cover the basic SEO reporting and metrics you need to understand, to help you make sense of all your data.

  • Keyword research best practices and content mapping
  • Understanding page optimization best practices around images, page titles, meta descriptions and header tags
  • Understand link building & backlinks, titles, the meta description and its importance
  • Understanding your website’s layout, structure and how to organize your content and site elements according to best practices
  • Understanding engagement metrics and how to identify trends or problems through Google Analytics
  • An introduction to both free and paid tools, platforms and extensions to actually be able to make sense of  your data
  • Using Google Search Console & Google Analytics to delve into your data
  • SEO reporting and the most useful metrics to examine
  • Resources to help you perform your SEO better
n Agenda
  • SEO Overview
  • Webpage Components
  • Keyword Research
  • Understanding SEO Metrics
  • Reporting with Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  • Wrap-up and Review / Question time


These courses provide a great overall view of the capabilities of the Google platforms and provide individuals with  a knowledge base to seek certification.