Google ANALYTICS 201: Reporting and Analysis

About Google Analytics 201: Reporting and Analysis

Google Analytics 201: Reporting and Analysis will expose you to the advanced features and analysis techniques that real analytics ninjas use. You will learn how to use powerful tools like campaign attribution and advanced segments with real-world analysis techniques, as well as effective methods for setting up goals and improving the integrity of your data. By the time you are finished this Google Analytics course, you will be able to move away from top ten reports and focus on higher quality analysis that adds value and revenue to your organization.


N What’s Covered in this course?

In Reporting and Analysis, we assume you already have a good grasp of the fundamentals of Google Analytics, such as how to navigate your account and use the basic features of the reports. In this analytics training, we will dive directly into more sophisticated features such as campaign tracking, advanced segments, and goal configuration. We don’t stop there – you will also learn how to use view filters to clean up your data and how to manage other admin features.

This course will cover:

  • Concrete, real-world analysis techniques that you can implement in your business right away
  • How to measure every marketing effort your organization is making – for both online and offline channels
  • Defining and reporting conversion actions on the site
  • Techniques you can use to immediately start improving the integrity of your
    data, such as excluding internal office traffic from your reports

n Agenda

  • Implementing Campaign Tracking
  • Advanced Segments and how to use them
  • Custom Reports and what they mean to your business
  • Account Administration and User Permissions
  • Goal Setup, the smart way
  • View Filters and how to clean up your data
  • Wrap-Up and Q&A


This course requires prior knowledge of Google Analytics fundamentals, such as basic reporting features. If you have taken our Google Analytics 101: Fundamentals course, you will be ready for Analytics Reporting and Analysis. It is recommended that before starting this course, you take some time to reflect on what you are looking to get out of the training. You should also have access to a Google Analytics account.

Please visit the Google Analytics Help site to set up your Analytics account.


The Fundamentals course, and this Reporting and Analysis course together will provide a great overall view of the capabilities of Google Analytics.

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