GOOGLE AdWords 301: Display and Remarketing

The one-on-one interaction with instructor, both for myself and with other people in the group was great. I liked the practical examples that revealed details that might not otherwise be covered.
Miami attendee, Google AdWords Display and Remarketing (301)

About Google AdWords 301: Display and Remarketing

This training will show you how to make the best use of Programmatic Display in order to put power behind your campaigns.

Google AdWords will soon become Google Ads, and we will be reflecting this brand change in our content shortly to align with Google’s timelines. Check out our blog post here.

In this course we will dig into push marketing that will allow you to effectively find new customers, even when they’re not looking for you! With a focus on display ad creation, interests, remarketing and demographics, you will learn management skills that will allow you to run highly effective Google AdWords display campaigns.

In order to solidify this knowledge, we work live from the interface using real business account data. We also show you how to use the Display planner to find the exact audience you are looking for. Lastly, we will show you how to optimize your campaigns so your ads show only in the right places.

What’s Covered?

This training course focuses on valuable tools within AdWords to help you stay competitive and get the most return on your display investment. This workshop course will help you to learn:

  • Understanding how Programmatic Display works, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Understanding different display ads, how to make them, and how they fit in your marketing campaigns
  • The difference between contextual targeting and audience targeting, and using both to increase awareness
  • How to make your own ads. Display ads, rich media ads. All the ads.
  • Campaign data customization to evaluate performance and align with your goals
  • How to dig deeper into the reporting interface to help refine your campaigns
  • Bidding strategies to hone in on how target audience is responding and how to maximize your strategies
  • Ways to diagnose problems in your account and identify changes needed.


  • Programmatic Overview – Learn how display networks work so you can work them to your business’ advantage
  • Google Display Ads – Planning ad, making ads, and doing it with effectiveness and flair within the GDN
  • Remarketing – How it works and how to do it the right way (so you don’t chase customers away)
  • Summary and wrap-up


All three courses together provide a great overall view of the capabilities of Google AdWords and provide individuals with a solid foundation in AdWords.

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