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I just had to write and say how positively fantastic Nilusha is. Her pacing and her blend of personal insights combined with immense raw knowledge enables her to offer a fantastic presentation. She comes across as warm, knowledgeable and most importantly, enthusiastic. Really, really well done.

Matt Weber
President & CEO
ROAR! Internet Marketing

I attended AdWords Training by Cardinal Path in Chicago last year and now again this year. Since implementing the changes I learned while at the seminar my company has had an increase in Revenue of 13% year over date. This at the time when I just recently received an email from my peer group in my industry that business was now down an average 10%. I see me continuing attending Cardinal Path training on a yearly basis as a must. Thank you Cardinal Path, I now see you as one of my strategic partners.John, Chicago attendee, AdWords 201

Having a good GA foundation this course was really helpful with all the advanced features. Geoff Todd, Miami attendee, Analytics 301

Good training for beginners and good for intermediate users to refresh and organize the knowledge. Fango Lin, Boston attendee, AdWords 101

Fantastic program. Lots of learning, application, and real-life examples. THANK YOU. Saimi Zulqarnain, Ottawa attendee, Analytics 101

The knowledge I received at both the Adwords and Analytics seminars was incredible. I had a little self-taught experience with AdWords & Analytics and felt as if my mind had been unlocked to a whole new world of analyzing, testing and most importantly reacting to my visitor’s and customer’s desires. The money spent on the training as already paid for itself ten times over. We have become more efficient with our spending and the Cardinal Path Training is the main reason. PJ Calkins, Chicago attendee, AdWords 201

…I have confidence that I can make some significant changes with what I have learned. They know their stuff and the team was very helpful on site. Graham MacDougall, Chicago attendee, Analytics 101

The instructor was very knowledgeable about the topic and obviously excited about it.Boston attendee, AdWords 101

Very detailed presentation of technical/development methodologies, but gives me a great understanding to allow me to tell my developers what I am looking for from a tracking perspective Tim Reilly, Boston attendee, Analytics 201

I enjoyed the in-depth demos for the placement targeted campaigns and contextual campaigns in particular.Chicago attendee, AdWords 201

The training in St. Louis was great as were all three of your instructors by the way… I have already highly recommended you to numerous friends/associates and will continue to do so. Frank Priboy, Saint Louis attendee, Analytics 301

I’m impressed with how incredibly confident and well versed the instructor is. Her presentation was incredible and her interaction with the class was about the best I ever have experienced. Top quality course. Atlanta attendee, AdWords 101

Definitely worth your time.Phoenix attendee, Analytics 301

Upbeat presenter, passionate about the content, kept me interested. San Jose attendee, AdWords 201

Excellent insights into the Google Analytics tools that really “leads the user to water”. It’s now up to me to act and leverage the power of this tool. Chicago attendee, Analytics 201

I enjoyed learning about Display Networks. A lot of my company’s conversions come from display networks and I never knew, until today, that I could manage all that from within AdWords – Big help. San Jose attendee, AdWords 201

Extremely comprehensive. This is no fluff course. Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable about real world situations. Boston attendee, Analytics 301

The customization features and tools were great to learn, because it’ll help create AdWords campaigns that are relevant to our criteria. Ottawa attendee, AdWords 101

So comprehensive!Chicago attendee, Analytics 301

The presenter was great. Ken’s delivery, patience, and willingness to help is AWESOME!!Chicago attendee, AdWords 101

I enjoyed the hands-on training and real-time experiencesDallas attendee, Analytics 301

Really enjoyed the step by step walk through of the process.
Lunch was outstandingBoston attendee, AdWords 201

I am a self taught user. The thoroughness of this seminar helped fill in gaps in my knowledge that experience hasn’t filled in yet.Boston attendee, Analytics 101

I like today’s lecture. It was great to learn the Display network and how it pertains to my website.San Francisco attendee, AdWords 201

We’re walking out of this seminar with serious plans to overhaul our analytics implementation, despite thinking we had it mostly figured out before.
Learned a lot.Chicago attendee, Analytics 301

I loved the conceptual information. I now feel confident in walking through UIs myself, and preferred being taught the information that’s less accessible through books or trial and error.San Francisco attendee, AdWords 101

Adrian Vender the instructor is very knowledgeable and articulate. Clear and precise.Atlanta attendee, Analytics 301

The instructor was articulate, knowledgeable and inspired confidence. Very open to questions – great instructor.Buena Park attendee, AdWords 101

The website testing portion at the end was excellent. Testing is something that mystifies a lot of people, and the instructor did a good job explaining some simple options and how they could be implemented using Google tools.Chicago attendee, Analytics 201

Understanding the negative keywords was super valuable.Los Angeles attendee, AdWords 101

The presentation overall was very well planned. The speaker knew what he was talking about and could answer questions on the fly. It was very enjoyable for an all day class.Chicago attendee, Analytics 101

The one-on-one interaction with instructor, both for myself and with other people in the group was great. I liked the practical examples that revealed details that might not otherwise be covered.Miami attendee, AdWords 201

This is an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned a lot about Google Analytics that I didn’t know before.Miami attendee, Analytics 101

Great experience. This was my first day attending. At first I was dreading this would be like a day-long college lecture, but the seminar turned out to be very easy, interesting, and helpful. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the lectures this week will be like!Seattle attendee, AdWords 201

Instructor was energetic and attentive and gave ample time for questions.Los Angeles attendee, Analytics 101

The instructor took the time to listen and answer all the questions asked by the attendees. She was very knowledgeable.Phoenix attendee, AdWords 101

The instructor was great. I now feel more confident to practice with Analytics on my own.Los Angeles attendee, Analytics 101

The instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and engaging. The personal touch – learning in person, instead of online or through books – helps the learning process a lot.Phoenix attendee, AdWords 101

Very relevant business topics, strong case studies, live demonstrations, and a great overview of important topics. Also a huge fan of this venue (Silver Cloud Hotel).Seattle attendee, Analytics 201

SO MUCH AWESOME INFO AND RESOURCES! #WinningAtLifeBoston attendee, AdWords 201

The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me with my individual account.
The instructor also didn’t just stick to the slides but took students into live accounts.Dallas attendee, Analytics 101

Enjoyed the Seminar! It was a great resource and educational tool to further expand my knowledge of the Google AdWords platform.San Francisco attendee, AdWords 201

The instructor was fun & knowledgeable. The food was awesome.Boston attendee, Analytics 101

Very thorough and well put together.Atlanta attendee, AdWords 201

Lots of useful tools – the course gets you to think about your data and what you need to take action… and not get lost in the numbers. And I love the one-on-one attention you get when asking questions during the breaks! I don’t like to ask questions in a class so the individual attention was huge for me!Los Angeles attendee, Analytics 101

I wanted to get a broader understanding of AdWords and being able to go through each section, piece by piece, was amazing!San Francisco attendee, AdWords 101

It was a great class. Very smooth in progression and great for both the beginner and the advanced user.Boston attendee, Analytics 301

The most useful parts of this event are the questions from attendees and the instructor’s answersBuena Park attendee, AdWords 101

These classes were great for helping you to understand the story your analytics tell.Chicago attendee, Analytics 201

Great workshop. Thank you so much.Boston attendee, AdWords 201

Cardinal Path does a great job in providing attendees real-life examples and functional knowledge. You can walk away from this seminar and immediately use Google Analytics to measure, test and improve your web properties.Chicago attendee, Analytics 201

Best internet marketing seminar/instruction series I have ever attended.Miami attendee, AdWords 101

Given that it was a 101 course, I really appreciated the refresher. For example, the definitions and basic walk through of the entire site I found to be quite useful.Ottawa attendee, Analytics 101

The pace was very comfortable for taking notes and digesting the information. We were able to ask questions throughout, and have discussions that involved the audience. I liked that we had frequent breaks. The instructor was confident and engaging.Seattle attendee, AdWords 201

Great location, instruction, and content.San Francisco attendee, Analytics 201

Although I have been using AdWords for a while, there were things I didn’t know that should make my campaigns better.Miami attendee, AdWords 101

I would recommend this course to any user of Google Analytics.Phoenix attendee, Analytics 101

While I am familiar with the broad strokes of AdWords, a number of more nuanced approaches were introduced that were really helpful and insightful.Boston attendee, AdWords 101

Good answers with real world experience.San Francisco attendee, Analytics 101

Very fascinating and informative. I just didn’t realize that there’s so many things to learn about AdWords.
They also provided an awesome lunch both days! They were delicious!Phoenix attendee, AdWords 201

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a year and using it on a monthly basis, thought that I’d learned most things about it. Well, I am so glad I came to this training because even the 101 basic class thought me plenty of things.San Jose attendee, Analytics 101