In-person and Online Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Do you have a group who need training in Analytics, AdWords, Big Query, Data Studio, Google Tag Manager or other platforms? If our public training courses are not exactly what you are looking for, we can provide you with customized private training at your location or in an live online environment. Through a process of discovery calls, meetings with your key people and a look at your goals and objectives, Cardinal Path will build training specifically for the needs of your tema or company. Contact us now to see how affordable this option can be for your team!

We offer curriculum aimed at tactical training on tools and specific platforms such as Google and Adobe. We also focus on strategic sessions encompassing data maturity and the current industry landscape and capabilities, working sessions that span key performance indicator (KPI) and performance measurement framework definitions, and more.

Please contact us for more information and hear how we can provide you with your training solution.

Hello Cardinal Path Team, Thank you all for a fantastic experience!  everything about CP’s training offering really excelled and exceeded expectations.  I knew we had made the right choice for going with you for training from that first kick-off call to coordinate. And since then all else and everyone involved has been awesome. In terms of the classes themselves they were very well-organized and informative – and presented in a way that really engaged the group.  I was very impressed with how eager to learn and involved our group was with the material – and they stayed that way the entire time. It’s exciting to see them wanting to be more involved. I really can’t wait to put a lot of these new learnings into practice – especially now that we’re able to coordinate on campaign tracking links. I also am really pleased to have armed the MEDD and enterprise folks with some autonomy and ownership of reporting. That’s a HUGE win in my book! [ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR] You are a phenomenal teacher with a very charismatic personality. Combined with the way you frame the class, your personality and method of engaging your students immediately breaks down any mental barriers one might have to learning. Your flexibility and ability to explain topics in meaningful, relatable ways – and in CONTEXT (love that!) – is awesome.  Very effective!  Hopefully we can have you back soon for more learning. Who knows, Google might just come out with a whole new way to bend time and space in the next few months.
Thanks again!
Sherry Auxier Errera
Manager of UX/IA & Analytics,
Medifast Direct

At Cardinal Path, we believe that sharing knowledge strengthens our own, and we offer world class, industry-leading training services that attest to that belief. Our instructors are recognized thought leaders, published authors, established speakers, university professors, and above all, real practitioners. We’ve trained over 60,000 marketing professionals through live public, corporate, agency, and private events all over the world.