Google Tag Manager: Migrating to GTM Like a Pro (Online Training)

Google Tag Manager: Migrating to GTM Like a Pro (Online Training)

Live, instructor-led training

This Google Tag Manager Workshop is focused on migrating from a standard Google Analytics implementation to a Google Tag manager implementation. If you want to learn how to set up GTM the right way, this course is for you. You will understand how GTM works on your site, how to avoid counting too much data and other rookie mistakes, and the best practices for testing your implementation. This online course will give you the base implementation you need to unlock awesome analysis for your business.

See below for a complete agenda.

Learn from Cardinal Path trainers who are not only certified instructors but also seasoned industry veterans with years of experience. Cardinal Path was recently named the Digital Analytics Association’s Most Influential Agency/Vendor of the year!

N What’s Covered in this Google Tag Manager Migrating to GTM Like a Pro Online Training?

This training will teach you about how Google Tag Manager™ actually works and why it is a powerful tag management tool. In the course, we will cover:

  • The high level architecture of Google Tag Manager as a tag management product
  • The various versions and installation techniques of Google Tag Manager
  • How to test and debug your implementation so your data stays pure
N Agenda
  • Tag Management Systems: Importance and Roles
  • Google Tag Manager User Interface
  • Understanding Tags, Triggers and Variables
  • Best Practices for Implementing Universal Analytics using Google Tag Manager
  • Tools and Techniques to Debug an Implementation


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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