GOOGLE AdWords: Reporting and Optimization Online

Google AdWords: Reporting and Optimization (Online Training)

Live, instructor-led training

Building on the foundation of our AdWords Fundamentals course, this training will expand on the basics to show you how to make the best use of the tools, reports, and features within AdWords, in order to put power behind your campaigns. We’ll dig into reporting, diagnostic and campaign expansion tools, and paid search optimization techniques. With a focus on budget, keywords, ad copy and landing pages, you will learn advanced SEM account management skills that will allow you to run highly effective AdWords campaigns. This online training is a three-hour version of our all day, in-person Google AdWords: Reporting & Optimization course. Click Here to learn about our in-person training.

In order to solidify this knowledge, we work live from the interface using real business account data.  You will learn about Dynamic Search Ads and Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

See below for a complete agenda.

Learn from Cardinal Path trainers who are not only certified instructors but also seasoned industry veterans with years of experience. Cardinal Path was recently named the Digital Analytics Association’s Most Influential Agency/Vendor of the year!

N What’s Covered in this Google AdWords Reporting and Optimization Online Training?

This AdWords training course picks up where AdWords Fundamentals leaves off, focusing on valuable tools within AdWords to help you stay competitive and get the most return on your PPC investment. Like Fundamentals, this workshop course will help you to learn:

  • Campaign data customization to evaluate performance and align with your goals
  • How to dig deeper into the reporting interface to help refine your campaigns
  • Bidding strategies to hone in on how target audience is searching and how to maximize
  • How to expand and refine keyword lists and continually optimize bidding strategies
  • Ways to diagnose problems in your account and identify changes needed
N Agenda
  • Learn about free tools and apps offered through Google to complement current keyword campaigns
  • Customizing AdWords Data – Learn how to use features and tools within the AdWords system to identify areas to optimize and save time by focusing on what’s most important for your PPC goals
  • Useful Reports – Learn the best reports to refine your keywords, stay ahead of and discover where and when your customers are searching for you
  • Optimization Techniques – Learn how to take your campaigns to the next level and get the most out of your AdWords campaigns
  • Advanced Account Management – Learn bidding strategies for your account based off reporting analysis.


If you’ve attended the AdWords Fundamentals training, this course should be a natural progression in the series. If you haven’t attended Fundamentals, you must have an active AdWords account and be familiar with the basics of AdWords (campaign structure, selecting keywords and match types, and creating ads).

Follow up this course with Google AdWords Display and Remarketing Online. Or take a look at our full-day classroom training in a city near you.

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