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Benchmarking Your Organization’s Analytics Maturity

“Maturity” describes how deeply and effectively your organization uses tools, people, processes and strategy to manage and analyze data for the purpose of informing business decisions.

While everyone wants to harness the power of data in their organizations, it can be very hard to tell where to begin or what to do next. Every organization operates at a different level of data and analytics maturity. Assessing where you stand and what your next steps should be will help you leverage your organization’s data for the smartest possible decision-making.


Thousands of organizations have asked the same question and used Cardinal Path’s OAMM (Online Analytics Maturity Model) to find the answer.

Developed by Cardinal Path’s Director of Strategic Services, Stéphane Hamel, the OAMM framework helps you understand your organization’s maturity level for digital analytics. A free self-assessment survey found at goo.gl/V8oZUx, the OAMM provides strategic analysis and industry-wide benchmark comparisons to help you understand how effectively your organization’s analytics activities are operating.

With thousands of people using the free OAMM survey, Cardinal Path has collected surveys across entire industry sectors, giving you an exclusive view of the analytics maturity landscape.

After completing your free self assessment survey at goo.gl/V8oZUx, compare yourself to your peers and learn whether you’re “leading the pack” or falling behind the curve.


Across eighteen major industry sector categories, the OAMM shows some surprising results.

Under the six areas of the OAMM some types of companies appear to have a natural advantage, which suggests that the degree to which the core business of an organization is in alignment with the six pillars of digital analytics, the better it will likely do in each of those areas.

However, it is important to note that if an organization’s culture and core business is not aligned to an area of the OAMM, then it should not expect to do well in that area, and this weakness has the potential to inhibit overall maturation towards sophisticated digital analytics programs.

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