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Webinar: Getting to Know Google Analytics Premium

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Wondering what Google Analytics Premium means for your company? This 1h webinar Q&A gives you the nuts and bolts view of Google Analytics Premium: the future of enterprise web analytics.

Come to My Webinar on Reciprocation, and I’ll Give You $1,000,000*

million dollars cash

My apologies. Not only is today’s headline a blatant lie, but it isn’t even a good example of reciprocation. (I was just testing to see if you’d notice.) Reciprocation (at least the meaning I intend) refers to the feeling of … Read Full Post

Webinar: Reciprocation… and Revenge.

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The power of reciprocation is a strong conversion tool, but it’s counter balance packs a punch. Reciprocation… and Revenge explains how small offers can produce big rewards, and small slights can knock you out of the game. Join us at 10am September … Read Full Post

Loss Aversion – A “Nudge” to Participate in My Upcoming Webinar

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Over the long weekend, I read Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness. Interesting stuff. Especially good is the first major section, “Humans and Econs”. It illustrates how we (i.e. real people, rather than the fabled “rational person” that’s … Read Full Post

Webinar – Online Persuasion: Loss Aversion and Scarcity

Cardinal Path blog post

Ever wonder why people are so hesitant to try a competing product? Or why expensive goods seem to sell better than cheap ones? In this webinar, learn how you can use psychology to add that extra kick to your website, … Read Full Post

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