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Moqups.com – Online Wireframing, Free and Easy

It’s not often us UX folk are offered anything truly new – and actually useful – in terms of tools. Especially free tools. So my discovery (thanks to Mike Jones) of Moqups.com was the best kind of surprise. Moqups is a nifty … Read Full Post

What Auto Maintenance Can Teach Us About Website Maintenance

When you get your oil changed, a good mechanic will do two things: He’ll put that little sticker in the corner of your window that gives your mileage and a date in the future to get another oil change, and … Read Full Post

The Search Engine Whisperer:How to Use Metadata

Remember my last blog post about metadata?  Did it make you wonder how exactly you could start putting it to work for your website? Thankfully, Google, Bing and Yahoo got together to come up with a standard format for web … Read Full Post

Web security questions you should be asking

In our web development post last week, we talked about the risks involved with running a web application, and how to reduce risk with change management techniques and technologies. We focused mostly on preparing and planning in advance to not … Read Full Post

Does Risk Management apply to Web Development?

When thinking of Risk Management, the fields that typically come to mind include finance, investing and insurance. By definition, risk management refers to the strategic application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events. … Read Full Post

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