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Tag Management: data layer/DOM-scraping pros & cons

Is the data layer the be all and end all of tag management? In this article, we explore the benefits and caveats of using a data layer versus DOM-scraping techniques.

How to use svnsync to create a mirror backup of your Subversion repository

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Whenever I talk to another developer and find out they’re not using version control (a.k.a. Source Code Management system, or SCM) as part of their workflow, I become a little shocked and horrified. There are just too many great reasons … Read Full Post

Big Data Technology Explained

If you’re active in any field of computing you’ve heard the term Big Data thrown around in the past couple of years. If you’re in a business that has lots of data to analyze then you should have a big … Read Full Post

Amazon Glacier provides offsite storage solution for a penny per gig

When you work tirelessly to maximize ROI, you know all too well there’s only two ways to achieve this: one is to increase revenue, and the other is to reduce costs. This post is about reducing costs. It’s rare to … Read Full Post

How to Migrate your Website from One Host to Another in 24 Hours Or Less

Or, What auto maintenance can teach us about website maintenance, Part 2 Last week, we looked at website maintenance in a different light by comparing web site maintenance to auto care and maintenance. We made the case that more companies … Read Full Post

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