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“Landing Page Optimization” by Tim Ash: A Review of the 2nd Edition

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Back in 2008, I read the 1st Edition of Tim Ash’s “Landing Page Optimization – The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversion.” Since then, I haven’t found a more comprehensive book on the topic. For years, I kept … Read Full Post

Mikey Don’t Like It: An Annoying User Experience on cnn.com

I had a particularly annoying experience on cnn.com the other day. A video caught my eye, so I launched it – even though I knew I’d likely have to sit through an ad before the site would show me the … Read Full Post

Good, Fast and Cheap User Testing – Now on Mobile Devices Too!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Usability Testing in all its forms: live or remote, moderated or not. And though there are lots of options for running and recording usability tests on desktop websites, options for testing … Read Full Post

Life-or-Death Copywriting Issue #2: How Do You Spell “E-Mail?”

Last week, I bravely tackled a hot-button issue: the capitalization of internet. This week, I’m putting it all on the line and dealing with an even more contentious issue. That is, how do you spell/punctuate/capitalize e-mail? From my informal observations, … Read Full Post

How to Be Authentic

I recently posted on the importance of clarity in our communications. This week, I’ll touch on the related topic of authenticity. First a definition: “Authenticity” is the degree to which a company remains true to its personality, character or spirit … Read Full Post

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