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Online Copywriting Tip: How to Polish Your Text

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Writing well comes easier to some people than to others. But even for the best writers, getting good results is largely a matter of putting in the effort. In this post, I’ll list a few tips that anyone can use … Read Full Post

Writing for the Web: To Whom, Or Not to Whom

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I must admit, every time I use the word whom, I feel a bit uneasy. Though I’m uncomfortable using bad grammar — and I know stickers would bristle at an incorrect who — sometimes whom just sounds pompous. Like a … Read Full Post

Understanding Social Proof: A Matter of Life or Death?

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As a teaser for next week’s webinar, I’d like to provide one simple — if tragic — example of how incredibly powerful Social Proof really is. Have you ever noticed that the media rarely cover suicide stories? You hear about … Read Full Post

Persuasive Messaging: Time for a Rhyme

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Remember Johnnie Cochran’s notorious line, “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”? Of course you do. And not just because it helped set murderer O.J. Simpson free. You remember it because it rhymes. It’s not surprising that rhyming statements … Read Full Post

Web Usability Bloopers: Let's Hear Your Favorites!

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Brain Katz approaches my desk – smiling lightly, shaking his head in disbelief. I know what this means: He’s come across a woefully unusable website and is dying to share it with me… “Go ahead. Make my day.” He does. … Read Full Post

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