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5 Helpful Custom Alerts for Google Analytics

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One of Google Analytics’ under-appreciated features is Custom Alerts, which allows you to receive a notification from Google any time certain metrics fluctuate beyond the bounds you set. Custom Alerts is a great way to avoid this: In this case, … Read Full Post

The Newest Addition to the WebShare Team

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Today we’re very excited to welcome the newest addition to the WebShare team: Justin Cutroni, Director of Digital Intelligence. Justin is a highly-respected thought leader in the world of web analytics, and with his experience added to the rest of … Read Full Post

Clean up Your Google Analytics for 2010

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It’s a bit late for a New Year’s-themed post and a bit early for a spring cleaning-themed post, but it’s never a bad time to get your Google Analytics data cleaned up. For those of you looking to do just … Read Full Post

Display Search Engine Rankings (SEO) in Google Analytics

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By default, Google Analytics will show you some great information about your organic search engine rankings (also known as “free” or “natural results”), such as which terms brought visitors to your site via the search engines.  However, Google Analytics does … Read Full Post

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