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Heartbleed – Reinforcing the Importance of Data Security & Continuous Vigilance

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Over the past couple of weeks, the importance of remaining vigilant, as well as the importance of continued outward scanning, has been reinforced with the surfacing of the Heartbleed bug. This bug has even forced the shutdown of online tax … Read Full Post

Google Universal Analytics – Top Ten Ways This Release Is A Game-Changer

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We began using Universal Analytics several months ago and had the chance to deploy it for some of our clients. Most features were under NDA and keeping the lid on it was very difficult because we were excited like kids … Read Full Post

An Inside Look – Universal Analytics (UA) Moves Out of Beta

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Today, the digital analytics sphere received some very interesting news. Universal Analytics (UA), the expanded update to Google Analytics (GA), was released from Beta. For many months, Cardinal Path clients have been asking our service and delivery teams for details … Read Full Post

How to Collect Precision Data with Events and Virtual Page Views

Without the proper tracking you can't understand all your visitors.

Google Analytics’ “tag every page with this code” method omits a new user’s ability to track page activities that don’t necessarily navigate the user to a new page. Two of my favorite features that address the need to track such … Read Full Post

Customer Insights With Google Analytics Demographics

Customer Insights with Google Analytics from Online Behavior

Demographics reporting inside Google Analytics is another recent improvement to Google Analytics that levels the playing field for small and medium sized firms. At Cardinal Path we are often breaking new ground with our clients using the latest digital measurement technologies … Read Full Post

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