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Privacy, Cookies, and Tracking

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People frequently complain about cookies. They don’t like the idea that their actions are being tracked and watched, so they disable cookies outright. The thing is that cookies are really the least of your problems. Cookies may be a good … Read Full Post

Google Wave is going to fail as an email alternative | Plus: free Wave invites!

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A little bit of futurism for the day. Yesterday I was reading an article on a blog that I’ve forgotten saying that Google Wave is going to fail as an email alternative. I’m going to go out on a limb … Read Full Post

Staring at the clouds with Nicholas Carr

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“The biggest hurdle, particularly with large companies, is convincing them that they don’t have to run everything themselves.” said Nicholas Carr in the beginning of 2008. “We’re going to see that, just as the electric grid dramatically expanded the availability … Read Full Post

Don't even think of comparing AWStats to Google Analytics!

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We have a client whose IT department is stating that AWStats should be sufficient for their Web Analytics needs and questioning whether GA is really necessary The problem arises, in part, out of the problem that the client has a … Read Full Post

Google Analytics Tips, Tricks, Traps & Tools: #2 of N: Increase your size (in GA, silly)

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Caution, this post definitely contains mature subject matter; reader discretion is advised. Frustration with the tiny little fields in GA, particularly in Goals and Filters and in the inline filter box reached a climax this weekend. So I wrote this … Read Full Post

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