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Google Releases Data on Dads Ahead of Father’s Day

Father holding damaged smart phone and his little daughter in background

Millennial dads are fast becoming a digital marketer’s dream. They are taking on bigger roles at home and turning to the internet to navigate their way through a sea of questions related to parenthood. Google’s article, Millennial Dads Turn to … Read Full Post

Google’s Universal Analytics Two Years In: Hype Or Revolution?

Technology doesn't slow down

In this post, originally published by Marketing Land on June 16th, 2015, Nick Iyengar, Cardinal Path’s Associate Director of Digital Intelligence, shows how Google’s Universal Analytics more than lives up to all the hype. Read on for Nick’s six reasons to prioritize … Read Full Post

The Top 10 Best Questions to Ask Your Agency about Data and Analytics

Top 10 Best questions to ask your agency

Agencies play a critical role in bringing the digital marketing of many large organizations and brands to life. Whether you’re evaluating your existing agency partner, looking to make a change, or it’s business as usual, optimizing your agency partnerships in … Read Full Post

Cultural Transformation in the Age of Data

Cultural Transformation in the Age of Data

In this blog, guest author Brian Harris, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Western Union Business Solutions, discusses the role of culture in becoming a data-driven organization.  Adopting a data-driven culture—and changing the mindsets of stakeholders to use data to drive … Read Full Post

How To Turn Data Into Dollars: 3 Stages To Activate Your Data

Turn Data Into Dollars

In this post, originally published by Marketing Land, Dave Booth, the 2014 Digital Analytics Association’s Practitioner of the Year, explains that it’s not just about collecting data. You need to know how to activate that data to extract value from … Read Full Post

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