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A Lifeboat for CMOs Adrift in Data

Lifeboat for CMOs

A recent article in quotes Omnicom CEO Jonathan Nelson saying, “We have too much data, and not enough people”. But it isn’t just a lack of people that is holding back marketers, and CMOs in particular, when it comes … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path Point Of View: Ad blocking

Cardinal Path Point of View: Ad Blocking

Everyone’s talking about Apple’s newest version of its iOS mobile operating system, which enables users to install apps that block certain types of content – like ads and video. While the reactions have ranged from highly alarmed to measured, most … Read Full Post

Google Breaks New Ground By Making Container Engine Generally Available


I’ve spent a lot of time working with Google Compute Engine over this past year, and want to share some of my learnings. For those of you not familiar with it, Google Compute Engine allows developers to create and run … Read Full Post

Why Google Analytics Premium

Justin Cutroni at the 2015 Google Analytics Summit

If you are like many organizations, looking to make the most of your increasingly large data sets you may be considering a move to an enterprise-scale analytics platform like Google Analytics Premium. With higher data limits and many powerful advantages … Read Full Post

Harnessing Holiday Shopping Trend Insights from Google

Online Holiday Shopping

The biggest gift-giving season of the year is upon us once again and if you haven’t pulled together your holiday shopping strategy, don’t fret, the folks over at Google have 3 basic tips. Online is where the shoppers go first: … Read Full Post

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