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Facebook: “Like” and “Share” Become One

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That’s right folks, if you’ve been holding onto that Facebook Share button for dear life it’s time to loosen your grip. Facebook has updated their Like button to include all the functionality of the old Share button. Now, a full … Read Full Post

10 Facebook Page Upgrades We “Like”

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If you have a Facebook Page you have been alerted to some pending changes. Last Thursday Facebook announced Facebook Page upgrades and rolled out the option for Page administrators to upgrade to the new format early. All Pages will change … Read Full Post

Facebook: New Facebook Pages

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  So Facebook has updated Pages (company pages, etc.). You may notice the option popping up to upgrade and/or preview. The major change is aesthetic, unifying the pages interface with the new profiles design. Now navigation is all on the … Read Full Post

Facebook Privacy: more privacy settings you need to check

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  The whole point of Facebook is to share information, isn’t it? You want people to be able to find you and contact you. It’s a social network after all. But sharing with people is one thing, and sharing with … Read Full Post

How To Avoid Social Media Schizophrenia: Choosing The Right Social Media Networks

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Are you suffering from social media overload? Too many choices? Too much to keep up with? Just too much? Yeah, we get that a lot but there is a solution and it starts with the usual suspects; data and a … Read Full Post

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