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AdWords Editor Tools: Duplicate Keyword Finder

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The AdWords Editor has a couple of useful tools to manage your account which you may have overlooked. One of these tools is the Duplicate Keyword Finder which helps to ensure that you haven’t accidentally added duplicate keywords within the account. … Read Full Post

AdWords Account for Google Grants: Expansion

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In our previous blog post, we reviewed some optimization tips for AdWords Google Grants accounts. This blog post is dedicated to expanding your Google Grants account. After working on few Google Grants accounts, we noticed a similar problem. Initially, before … Read Full Post

AdWords: Suggested Ads in Display Ad Builder

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Google Display Network provides great opportunities to expand advertising audience. But many advertisers don’t have the budget or time for creating display image ads. Yes, the AdWords system has an Ad Builder which provides a fast and easy way to … Read Full Post

Show Trust & Stand Out with Google Trusted Stores

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When customers look to make a purchase online, they want to know they’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer who will offer a great experience. With so many online retailers for any one niche, it can be difficult for the average … Read Full Post

Google AdWords: Utilizing Shared Libraries to Increase Efficiency of Search Campaigns

The Shared libraries feature within AdWords is something that many advertisers still aren’t taking full advantage of. For those working within large accounts, the benefits are huge. Not only are you saving time by limiting the number of changes you … Read Full Post

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