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Getting Your Feet Wet with Google Shopping Feed Rules

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Google Merchant Center has recently rolled out an awesome new feature called ‘Feed Rules’. Feed Rules makes the transition from your inventory management system to your Merchant Center feed quick, seamless, and increasingly automated (especially if you are utilizing the … Read Full Post

Expanded Text Ads from Google


Google has recently announced that Expanded Text Ads are coming to AdWords. This is very exciting news, because it means that advertisers like you and I will finally have enough room to write compelling ads! In this post, we’ll talk … Read Full Post

Customizing Ads with AdWords’ Countdown Function

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Customization is key with marketing and Google AdWords has some incredible tools that allow advertisers to quickly tailor the messaging of ads to drive action. One of my favorites is the countdown function, which automatically updates ads to let customers … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path Point Of View: Ad blocking

Cardinal Path Point of View: Ad Blocking

Everyone’s talking about Apple’s newest version of its iOS mobile operating system, which enables users to install apps that block certain types of content – like ads and video. While the reactions have ranged from highly alarmed to measured, most … Read Full Post

15 Tools For SEM Competitive Analysis

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Competitive analysis is a crucial part of a successful SEM strategy. Below are 15 tools that can help you gain insights on your competitors SEM efforts. Adbeat provides sets of dashboards and reports for competitive analysis with focus on … Read Full Post

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