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Bing/Yahoo! Search Alliance Updates its Trademark Policy

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The Search Alliance (a.k.a. Bing and Yahoo! PPC) have announced a change to their trademark policies to go into effect on March 3rd, 2011.  Much like the Google AdWords trademark policy has been for some time, the Search Alliance will … Read Full Post

Google’s Contextual Targeting Tool: Contextual Targeting Insight

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Campaigns running on Google’s Display Network often get a bad reputation for being difficult to control. Long-standing issues like the absence of tools that provide sufficient bid data and the inability to know where exactly your ads may show are … Read Full Post

Google's New Keyword Tool is Out of Beta

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An updated AdWords keyword tool has been in beta for some time now.  If you were used to linking back to the previous version you may have noticed that link has been removed coinciding with Google’s announcement that The Keyword … Read Full Post

Google AdWords Extensions Extended Again

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You may have seen seller rating extensions like these in some Google AdWords sponsored links lately. Note they are a little different depending on whether they show in the top of the page sponsored links or on the right. This … Read Full Post

New Keyword Targeting Feature in AdWords: Broad Match Modifier

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Google recently announced a new keyword targeting feature on the Inside AdWords blog.  Broad match modifier is a middle ground between broad and phrase match.  The intent is to take phrase match and make it a little broader and broad … Read Full Post

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